The observation and analysis of the project is carried out at the IEO Oceanographic Centres at Vigo, A Coruña, Gijón and Santander. Besides, the University of Oviedo collaborated between 1922 and 2012 in the sampling and analysis of the sectiooff Cudillero (Asturias).

Participants include more than 20 researchers and a similar number of laboratory technicians, that were assisted by the crew of 3 coastal oceanographic ships. A number of students and research fellows also participate in the project activities each year.


The RADIALES project is a structural research activity funded by IEO but complemented by external competitive research funds from many other public and private sources. In the last years external income amounted more than 60% of the budget, excluding salaries and ship time.


The main product of the RADIALES project is a coherent and multidisciplinary oceanographic data base of physical, chemical and biological variables. This information, sent regularly to oceanographic data centers, is employed in:

• Publications in scientific journals and monographies
• Assessment reports for public and private organizations (e.g. ICES, European Union, ...)
• Reference data for private companies (e.g. hospitals, aquaries, acuiculture farms, …), administrations (e.g. environmental agencies) and researchers (e.g. universities)